Stand TAE 512

TAE 512 support trestle

Support trestles are used for heavy-duty support requiring a large surface area (18.50 in).

The summary of TAE 512 support trestle features

The SEFAC TAE 512 can maintain a load of up to 30,800 lbs in a raised position at low height (20.50 – 32.25 in). The wide surface of the trestle allows rapid and easy positioning by a mechanic.

Support trestles are particularly efficient for working on tracked vehicles.

Optionally, the TAE 512 support trestle is available with 4 pivoting wheels that retract under the weight of the vehicle (minimum 260 lbs) to facilitate movement in the workshop.

Stand TAE 512
FeatureTAE 512**
Capacity lbs30,800
Min. height inch20.50
Max. height inch32.25
Width inch18.50
Stroke inch11.75
Weight lbs68

**: TAE 512 stand can be delivered as an option with 4 collapsible swivel wheels under load (min 260 lbs): reference TZZ 540.

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Retractable wheels TZZ 540 550

Set of 4 retractable wheels

Ref : TZZ 540

Suitable for stands TAE 512 and TAE 516.