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By trusting SEFAC with your maintenance, you will ensure that your equipment will be repaired by technicians who are mobile column specialists and receive regular training on our products.

  • Making an appointment
    A simple phone call is all you need to arrange for our locally-based technician to carry out an onsite service call.
  • Repairs using manufacturer parts
    SEFAC guarantees that your equipment will be repaired using original manufacturer parts that comply with our standards. Those parts have a 6-month warranty.
  • Validating the operation
    In the event one of the elements in the kinematic chain has been replaced, the products will be subjected to renewed load-testing inside our plant to ensure the operation has been carried out successfully.
  • Documents
    Once the operation is complete, SEFAC will give you the following:
    – A servicing report slip listing the detail of operations performed by the technician on the equipment.
    – A validation certificate in the event a trial on our test bench was required.


If you have signed a service contract, you will be entitled to a 20% discount on spare parts.