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For SEFAC, service is an integral part of the equipment.

SEFAC has available factory trained technicians up-to-date on the latest SEFAC technology & are able to respond to our customers located throughout the US.

SEFAC Service provides a wide range of services adapted to your needs to include:




User Training

User training

Maintenance contract

Maintenance contract

Repairs for columns of all makes and for all SEFAC brand products

Repairs for columns

Installation for the rail sector and for cleaning equipment (NettoBus and NettoTram)

Installation for the rail sector

Lifting equipment rentals

Equipment rentals


SEFAC service contracts offer many benefits to users. Thanks to one or two yearly visits from a technician, you are guaranteed the following:

  • An optimised lifespan for your mobile columns,
  • Reducing downtime risk for your equipment,
  • Utilizing the latest improvements brought by SEFAC to the equipment,
  • Substantial discounts on SEFAC-certified manufacturer spare parts or a two-year extended warranty on your equipment,
  • OSHA inspection conformity.


SEFAC Service
the manufacturer’s warranty