Stand TBE 521

Axle stands

Depending on whether you just would like to lift a vehicle by an axle during the change of a wheel or keep a complete vehicle on a set of 4 stands 6 feet above the ground, SEFAC offers a large choice of stands adapted to your needs.

Meanwhile, you can use your mobile column lifts for an another vehicle.

Stand TBE 521
Stand TBE 522
Stand TBE 523
Stand TBE 527
Stand TBE 528
Stand TBP 530R
Stand TBP 530R
Stand TAE 515
Stand TAE 516
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Stand TBE 521
Stand TBP 530R
Stand TBE 528
SEFAC small stands
Stand TBE 523
Stand TBE 523
FeatureCapacity Min. height Max. height Width Stroke PositionsWeight
TBE 52130,80012.2517.75-5.50533
TBE 52230,80019.2529.25-10.00853
TBE 52330,80027.2544.00-16.751266
TBE 52713,22544.5072.50-28.0010128
TBE 52822,00054.7583.25-28.5010141
TBP 530R*33,00051.0078.50-27.5010119
TAE 51130,80012.5018.5014.256.00442
TAE 512**30,80020.5032.2518.5011.75768
TAE 51530,80051.2572.7527.2521.5012154
TAE 516***30,80052.0069.0047.2517.007220

*: The stand TBP 530R is spring loaded assisted for easier use and screw type top for accurate adjustment (stroke: 6 inch, diam.: 7.5 inch).

**: TAE 512 stand can be delivered as an option with 4 collapsible swivel wheels under load (min 260 lbs): reference TZZ 540.

***: TAE 516 stand is delivered with 4 collapsible swivel wheels under load (min 260 lbs) and is spring loaded assisted for easier use.

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Roulettes EscamotablesSet of 4 retractable wheels

Ref: TZZ 540
Suitable for stands TAE 512 and TAE 516.