Transmission jack DF. 6115

Floor transmission jacks

Floor jacks are used in addition to lifting equipment (i.e.: mobile column lifts). Equipped with wheels, you will be able to easily move mechanical parts inside your pit or in your workshop, since these products are also suitable for applications outside a pit.

Developed for maintenance operations under lifting equipment, the DF. 6115 offer a real stability thanks to their wheel base and their large piston diameter. The swivel head will allow you to move the assembly you are working on in the three directions. You can be sure to have the better ergonomic conditions.

Transmission jack DFH 6115
Transmission jack DF. 6115
Bus lifted by SEFAC mobile columns
Floor jacks for a use in addition to a lifting equipment
FeatureDFM 6115
floor transmission jack
DFA 6115
floor transmission jack
DFH 6115
floor transmission jack
Capacity lbs3,3003,3003,300
Min. height inch39.539.539.5
Max. height inch79.579.579.5
Stroke inch404040
1st piston diam. inch222
2nd piston diam. inch3.253.253.25
Wheels diam. inch888
Swivel headmm33.5 x 19.033.5 x 19.033.5 x 19.0
Lenght inch49.2549.2549.25
Width inch33.533.533.5
Weight lbs385.75385.75385.75
ControlManualManual + Quick pneumatic approachOleopneumatic

For more safety:

  • Overload limit
  • Safety valve
  • Down: “Deadman” position


DF. 6115:
Multi-directional swivel head:

  • Longitudinal inclination: 10°,
  • Transversal inclination: 10°,
  • Longitudinal displacement: 4.5 inch,
  • Transversal displacement: 8.0 inch,
  • Capacity: 3,300 lbs in all positions,
  • 2-speed pump,
  • 2 swivel wheels with latches and 2 fixed wheels with large diameter (8 inch) for more manoeuvrability,
  • Swivel head delivered with 2 industrial straps.

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Pneumatic approach COZ 6443

Pneumatic approach

Ref : COZ 6443

This option enables you to approach mechanical assemblies or vehicles quickier.

Transmission jack DFH 6115

Oleopneumatic version

Ref : DFH 6115

Thanks to a 3 positions mechanical pump, the oleopneumatic version enables the lifting up or down of charges in a completely automatic way.

Swivel heads

Swivel heads

Ref : COZ 671 / 6160

Feature COZ 671 COZ 6160
Capacity lbs 1,800 3,300
Length mm 500 500
Width mm 400 400
Longitudinal inclination degrees 23 25
Transversal inclination degrees 23 25
Diam. assembling
mm 30 30

*: Assembling receptacle on demand