Stand TBE 523

TBE 523 axle stand

Technical specifications of the stand

The SEFAC TBE 523 is a medium-sized axle stand (27.25 – 44 in.). It is typically used during the maintenance of tires, brakes, bearings, steering, etc.

Axle stands: safety first

Axle stands protect the safety of operators during all types of hydraulic lifting operations. They are therefore indispensable in your workshop.

The axle stand is a genuine safety tool. Used in combination with a pit jack or wheel dolly, it will meet your needs and ensure complete workplace safety.

Stand TBE 523
SEFAC small stands
Stand TBE 523
Stand TBE 523
FeatureTBE 523
Capacity lbs30,800
Min. height inch27.25
Max. height inch44.00
Width inch-
Stroke inch16.75
Weight lbs66

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