S2 mobile column lift

The 1200 M 100 column lift

The 1200 M 100 column lift has a capacity of 22,000 lbs and is designed to meet the needs of maintenance managers dealing with the repair of vehicles with an axle weight of 44,000 lbs, e.g. snowplows or airport vehicles.

The 1200 M 100 column lift: a reinforced structure

These columns are generally used in airport repair centers or the technical centers of civil engineering companies. Their mechanical structure is reinforced to support 22,000 lbs but they are equipped with classic lifting forks to raise vehicles whose axle load is greater than that of standard vehicles, but without oversize tires.

Thanks to these column lifts, you can reach otherwise inaccessible parts (i.e. protected by bodywork) during a technical inspection of the vehicle.

Tractor lifted by SEFAC mobile column lifts
Airport engine lifted by SEFAC mobile columns
Feature1200 M 100
column lift
Capacity per column lbs22,000
Operating modeSingle
ControlPush button + Pendant
Tire size inch38 to 45
Lifting height inch72
Dimensions l (inch)
L (inch)
h (inch)
x 43.3
x 100
Leg height inch5.5
Net weight per liftlbs849
Motor power kW3.5
Dust water protection levelIP55

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