S2 mobile column lift

The PMV 4 16 100 column lift

The PMV 4 16 100 column is made to lift the heaviest vehicles on the market with extremely large tires. These column lifts are designed to enable safe maintenance operations on mechanical parts from beneath a vehicle (axles, gearbox, steering, brakes, etc.).

They are generally used in maintenance centers with fleets of very large, heavily used site vehicles (earthmoving, mining, airports).

The PMV 4 16 100 column lift has a reinforced structure

PMV 4 16 100 column lifts offer increased unit capacity of 22,000 lbs and wider forks to accommodate vehicles with non-standard size tires. The chassis of the column is reinforced to permit this type of vehicle to be raised while ensuring optimum safety.

Tractor lifted by SEFAC mobile column lifts
Airport engine lifted by SEFAC mobile columns
FeaturePMV 4 16 100
column lift
Capacity per column lbs22,000
Operating modeSingle
ControlPush button + Pendant
Tire size inch45 to 58
Lifting height inch72
Dimensions l (inch)
L (inch)
h (inch)
x 43.3
x 99.8
Leg height inch5.5
Net weight per liftlbs914.9
Motor power kW3.5
Dust water protection levelIP55

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