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Which equipment do you need – a mobile lifting solution like column lift, a fixed lift or a garage pit – for your truck garage?

Selecting the right equipment is an important decision. You need to ask yourself the right questions to make sure your investment is as successful as possible and increase the productivity of your truck garage.

The equipment you need will depend on how you intend to use it in your garage and what types of maintenance work you traditionally manage. Whatever equipment you select, you will need to consider the full range of operating requirements, the related financial costs during its entire life and the safety of your workers.

Our team has prepared this table to help with your decision-making. All of the criteria we consider to be essential are shown. Use this table to easily compare the three main types of truck lifting and garage equipment currently available on the market: mobile column lifts, fixed lifts and garage pits.


Mobile column lifts Fixed lifts Pits
Practical criteria
The equipment can be installed without need for civil engineering work in the garage. ++ – –
The equipment can be moved inside the garage (or outside). ++ – – – –
Infrequent planned use (+/- once daily). + + ++
Frequent planned use (5+ times daily). + ++
Training in how to use the equipment is quick. + + +
Workers will find the equipment easy and intuitive to use. + + +
The equipment is quick to set up. = + ++
The equipment can be adapted to the length and wheel base of the vehicle. ++
All bodywork components can be accessed (including side components). ++
Adjustable work height (by changing the vehicle height). ++ ++ – –
More than one vehicle at once (can work on several vehicles at the same time). ++ – – – –
Economic criteria 
Acquisition costs are low. ++ – –
Servicing costs can be controlled. + = ++
If your firm moves, it is easy to take the equipment with you. ++ – –
Safety criteria
Safe for workers to use. ++ ++ – –
No floor obstacles. + – –
Helps to prevent muscle and bone problems for workers. ++ ++ – –


Various technologies are available simultaneously for each lifting technique. Two main trends appear for mobile lifting solutions: hydraulics and mechanical technologies.

To obtain full benefits from your investment, SEFAC also recommends that you use your equipment in combination with the rest of SEFAC’s range of products and accessories. This range includes our different types of axle stands, hydro pneumatic jacks, hydraulic wheel dollies, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is here to answer any questions you may have on our truck garage equipment!